Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yuck! Why You Felt Sick After Your Massage

You went into your last massage session so excited and happy. You were prepared to relax. You could feel yourself falling asleep before you even got on the table. You said 'This is going to be the best massage ever'.

Yes, you did relax and the massage therapist treated all your areas of tension and pain in your body. You even wanted to marry him or her. Please don't deny it. But later on that day you started feeling sick. The massage was supposed to make you well, but why did it make you sick?

1. You did not drink enough water
Yes, your therapist gave you strict after care instructions. But he or she probably did not tell you how much water to drink. The rule of thumb is to consume twice as much as normal. You want to flush out all the impurities and toxins that were broken up during your massage so that you can excrete them when you urinate. So, drink plenty of water so you can avoid feeling sick.

2. You were already sick
One of two things could have happened here. You already had the sniffles and a sore throat but you decided to go through with the massage anyway. This is not advised. The other thing that could have happened is that your immune system was already fighting a virus (or other foreign agent) and you did not feel the symptoms yet. Your massage caused an increase in your blood flow, allowing the virus to flow freely. By you feeling sick now, your body is fighthing the virus (or other foreign agent) even more. So, pay attention to your body before getting a massage. If you feel sick, don't go through with it.

3. The pressure was too deep
You are on the table clenching your teeth. Meanwhile, your therapist is overjoyed at the knots that she or he is releasing. You can sense the smile on their face.This is no fun for you though. You said you wanted a "deep" tissue massage, not a "weep" tissue massage. Admit it, that treatment had you crying on the table or wanting to yell at your therapist. When the pressure is too deep, you can easily bruise and experience flu-like symptoms after your massage.

To avoid this situation, communicate well with your therapist. Let him or her know when the pressure is too deep or too light. After all, this is YOUR massage. Don't lie there taking too much pressure. If your therapist is sensitive to you speaking up, then you need to find a new therapist.

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